Kyoto – an ancient capital with 1,200 years of history.

As a brand, NIWAKA was launched in the city of Kyoto, where traditional culture and art thrive. This essence is the foundation for NIWAKA.
NIWAKA has flourished into a brand with a unique worldview rooted in Kyoto’s mesmerizing beauty and magnificent history.
NIWAKA Fine Jewelry is created through superior craftsmanship, daringly beautiful designs and
top grade materials that satisfy the strictest of quality standards.



Long considered one of Japan’s leading jewelers,
NIWAKA stays true to its heritage by celebrating
the vibrant history and culture of Kyoto, Japan.
Known and admired for their dedication to
craftsmanship and the use of superior materials,
NIWAKA Fine Jewelry celebrates tradition and embraces
the future while presenting its brand to the world.


NIWAKA designs are inspired by the world around them.
With a powerful respect for tradition and a deep curiosity for beauty, NIWAKA’s design team and
craftsmen work in unison to bring into being jewelry that will stand the test of time.


Breathing New Life into Traditional Beauty

It is NIWAKA’s sincere aspiration to breathe new life
into traditional Japanese motifs and share them with the world.


The Infinite Potential of Nature

Just as the beauty of nature is immeasurable, so is the potential of NIWAKA designs.
These intricate creations combine the vibrant hues and natural wonders of the changing seasons into wearable art.



Craftsmanship of NIWAKA

Uncompromising Craftsmanship

From temples and shrines to the simple pathways of the city,
you can sense the high level of skill that has been handed down in Kyoto from generation to generation.
This rare quality of workmanship is only part of what sets NIWAKA jewelry apart.



Made to Become Beautiful When Worn

NIWAKA prides itself on every design being handcrafted,
allowing each piece to possess as much individuality as the wearer.
As beautiful as each design is, it is the relationship between
the wearer and the jewel that showcases its true beauty.



Consideration and Clarity

NIWAKA adheres to the Kimberly Process by using
only conflict-free diamonds. We accept only the highest rated stones
in all of our jewelry. Even the smallest of stones
must meet the strictest requirements for brilliance,
and are inspected with a 20x loupe.