As the ancient capital of Japan,
Kyoto remains one of the most historically
important cities in the world.
Known for its beauty and dedication to
preserving arts and culture, it seems only apropos
that it is also the birthplace of
NIWAKA Fine Jewelry, as well as home to
its flagship store and headquarters.

Kyoto, the birthplace of NIWAKA


Kyoto, coexists with nature

Although Kyoto has developed into a modern city, it still retains traces of its ancient past.
Kyoto is located in a rich natural environment surrounded by mountains, and throughout its history
Kyoto has incorporated the four seasons into a lifestyle that coexists with nature.
This has had a significant impact on the creation of the Japanese aesthetic, and NIWAKA draws from these elements
to create jewelry taking full advantage of the cultural heritage nurtured throughout Kyoto’s history.

* * * *


Philosopher’s Path

Streams and stone bridges
where cherry blossoms flutter by


Arashiyama Bamboo Path

A breezy pathway of green
where you are sheltered from the sun


Shimogamo Shrine

Red and yellow autumn foliage
and the path through the torii gate


Kamigamo Shrine

The shrine’s vermillion fence
amidst pure white snow


Inheriting Feelings,
Creating the Next Brilliant Light

Kyoto has nurtured and developed culture
and arts such as tea ceremony and traditional dance
throughout the centuries. There is a rich history
there that has incorporated a variety of designs and
forms into beautiful ornaments and garments,
and these designs and techniques have been cherished
for generations. In exquisite kimono and
decorations, traditional beauty from ancient times
lives on and into the present.


Collaboration with
One of Japan’s
Top Modern Architects

The NIWAKA Kyoto Headquarters was designed by
the Ando Tadao Architecture Research Institute,
headed by Ando Tadao, one of Japan’s most
influential architects. Harmonizing with the atmosphere of
Kyoto’s traditional neighborhoods, this exposed concrete
structure has generated global interest
as a work of enterprising modern architecture.

NIWAKA Kyoto Flagship Store

The World is Captivated by NIWAKA’s Sense of Beauty

The NIWAKA Building brilliantly blends the historic urban atmosphere with modern architecture,
incorporating innovative elements while retaining vestiges of the ancient capital’s aesthetic.
The Kyoto Flagship Store, located inside the NIWAKA Headquarters, features a subdued interior design
that incorporates traditional architectural elements found in machiya style homes, such as koshi lattices and reed screens.
Set in a wide, open layout with a purple tone, the flagship store is a chic and
refined space suited for NIWAKA’s brilliant and luxurious jewelry.